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Raina is left to watch  Tristan and Haley when Tristan disappears. The search is on to find the young boy right away. Family, police and the community unite to look for Tristan. Raina begins to sense that the search is heading in the wrong direction. 

Tristan has been taken by a man hell-bent for revenge. Raina sets off to find him. With her cousin, Ellie, they face a journey filled with madness and magic. To find their way they must learn to follow the signs left by a spirit guide.

Luther’s time is up. It’s been 10 years since his deal at the crossroads, and now it’s time to pay. His plan to exchange Tristan’s life for his own is not guaranteed. But Luther has a plan to trick the crossroads demon, if he can get there in time.  

Determined to save Tristan at any cost, Raina must stand against her own crossroads demon. With her fate tempted, and a her life in danger, she must fight to save a boy who doesn’t want to be saved.

The Mystic

Raina’s world has been turned upside down since her sudden move to New Orleans following her father’s death. But she is not alone, she meets her cousin Ellie for the first time and they become like sisters. Ellie brings Raina to the French Quarter. As they explore the narrow streets, Ellie leads her to The Mystic Cafe and to a mystic named Lovie, who introduces Raina to the world of mysticism. 

Raina unexpectedly finds love when she meets Zac, who is charming and makes her feel safe and carefree again. Then she meets Johnny, and she is undeniably drawn to his charismatic but mysterious nature. Torn by love, Raina must choose between her desires and her needs.

Reality becomes surreal when her dreams manifest her worst nightmares. With increasing intensity, her visions become so real that she questions everything. Haunted by evil in a city with a supernatural history, Raina must accept her father’s death, learn to love again, and be strong enough to fight for her life.